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About Us

We are Retailers on a Mission to help you switch from owning a job to owning a business.

  • Rolf Williams

    Rolf T. Williams is a Retailer on a mission to help you discover how to have financial, business and personal freedom through retailing by making The Big Switch.

    Born into a retail family, Rolf has been on the sales floor selling since the age of 13 and has gone from shoveling and sweeping the sidewalks to owning and operating Jerrol’s, his family’s 4th generation department store located in the heart of Washington State. He understands the stress, challenges and struggles you face because he walks in your shoes each and every day. He has been through a generational ownership change, the economic downturn in 2008, the change of core merchandise categories, several major remodels and additions, internal family struggles and a volcanic eruption.

    He also understands the financial and personal freedom you can achieve. Over the course of three decades he has purchased stores and coached other retailers through workshops and masterminds to create highly effective direct response marketing systems that turn marketing dollars into measurable money making machines.


    Rolf is the author of the book The Unfinished History of Jerrol’s: From ice cream and pies to office supplies the story of his family and their store started in the front yard of his grandparents’ house and how Big Switches have allowed it to expand to over 15,000 sq feet.


    To find out how you can make The Big Switch in your business so it serves your life, and not the other way around, contact Rolf and his fellow coaches at The Big Switch Retail Coaching.

  • Krissy Yarnell

    Krissy Yarnell began her career in retail with a temporary position at Jerrol’s, one night, doing a Physical Inventory. She was immediately offered a position on the Frontline Team, responsible for helping clients make “The Perfect Purchase”. Krissy was attending Central Washington University at the time and working part-time. Being unsure of where her college career would take her, she decided to take a year off of school and work full-time. In this period, Krissy was exposed to the details of running an independent retail store, and decided to pursue a career in retail instead of returning to CWU to finish an Education degree.

    Since then, she has risen to Assistant Manager, responsible for the entire Frontline Team as well as learned about every aspect of the business. Her expertise lies in Human Resources; hiring, training, and management of the Frontline Team. She has done everything from buying and receiving, to marketing, and knows at least the basics about every piece of the puzzle it takes to keep a successful retail store going.

    Krissy understands the “Millennial” generation and strongly urges others not to believe everything they read or hear about millennials. One of her core values is that “everyone has something to offer” meaning you simply have to find people’s Unique Abilities, and use that knowledge to determine if they are right for the positions you have available.

    Krissy is passionate about helping others and sharing her excitement for the independent retail industry. She can help owners and managers make The Big Switch from viewing the employees as an expense to seeing them as their biggest asset.

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