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  • Speaking Events

    Who better to motivate and inform Retail Store Owners than a current Retailer turned Certified Retail Coach?


    Retailers face un-paralleled challenges in the 21st century from the media declaring brick and mortar to be dead, online price competition to massive increases in labor costs and regulations. Coaches Rolf and Krissy bring the unique perspective of currently owning and operating a 12,500 sq ft 4th generation department store and being certified retail coaches. They bring true authenticity to their speaking events by practicing what they teach.


    From marketing that is affordable effective and measureable, hiring training and retaining top performers, creating make you happy customer service that creates life-long loyal Clients, to finance and merchandise.

  • Mastermind

    If you'd like to dive deeper with a coach, then a mastermind program might be for you. You'll receive group time to work with a coach and other retailers on the same journey through the steps to acheive personal fulfilment, and financial success.

    You'll be challenged to push yourself and your business to grow and continually pursue The Big Switch.

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